All Advertised Locations in Theme Creation

In WordPress Theme Feature Requirements, under Core Features, the requirement: Themes must be widget-ready in all advertised locations

What do all advertised locations mean exactly?

Does that mean widget for advertising is required exclusively?
(note: I have contacted Support twice and both times without response; later I found out that they hardly respond to complains/questions due to they having their hands full (strange, because that beats the purpose of having a Contact Support for the most part).

Hope you can help answer. Thanks in advance.


no, that not mean widget for advertising is required exclusively. widget-ready in all advertised locations mean all widget area in your theme used as like: sidebar area, footer area and if your theme used header area widget. For more information you can spend some times in google to study on this.


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Hi mgscoder,

Thank you for the prompt response and clear explanation. I know how to add widgets, but the advertised location confused me. Unsure why they added /advertised location/…

Anyway, as you have answered, kindly close this thread (if you can).

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Thank you. I think we can keep this thread open for Forum community.