All about template

I have go through all templates and i like salient template. I just want to know that is it compactible with .net? If i want only template and not an images then what will the cost?

  • it’s a WordPress theme so you would install it on a domain and hosting with that installed.

  • images are rarely included in the download (licensing) and the price is fixed

Ok, We are developing web site in ASP .net framework and we have below queries

Our main concern : Can we use these as a theme in ASP .net
to design web pages and customise as per our need

What will be the validity of the license, does it have recurring cost like annual renewal etc

Does the pack contains 8 templates/themes and we can use rest of the seven for other web sites

  • I’m don’t know much about ASP although I am pretty sure integrating It with WP would be a headache.

No one here will be able to make any guarantees of any sort when the other site is built by you.

Can your developers not tell you if they can integrate WP somehow?

  • license is for the lifetime of the item as long as it is for sale here.

You get 6 months free support and would only need to pay further should you want to extend that support.

Access to an updates etc. Remain free.

  • it’s one theme with the ability to reskin it to look different. That said you can only install it on ONE website per license

You will need to purchase separate licenses for each other individual site you want to use it on.

Can we have demo theme to test all our requirement

It won’t be possible to avoid anyone exploiting it - you can ask any questions that you have to the author in advance to check things but again in regards to a site that was built by a third party - the author will only be able to give limited advice.