Alert!Alert! Got another rejects! Need Help!

People i very need your help.
Two of my items are being rejected. I`m goind to upload this works again. But before i do this i want to ask all of you what you think i should fix. Because if this items are rejected - something sound wrong i guess.
Please speng a minute of your precious time and tell me what problems in tracks you see. May be this facts will help me reupload this stuff again. Thanks.

Quite cool tracks, surprised they were rejected. Only thing I could say is maybe they are too short and could be developed more into longer songs with more dynamics. But still would have thought they would accept them, I can’t judge the sound quality too much as I’m on my laptop but they sound pretty good.

Very good bossa. Maybe hit the bend wheel on some last notes to get a more pro feeling in it.

The bossa is nice but the sounds screams midi. Try other instruments or other samples and like Shadowkey mentioned; your tracks are short. I would repeat the bossa 3-4 times with some variations.
As an example, one of my tracks thats in the same style and originally same lenght, but here with repeats to make it longer. Also used sounds that to my ears are more authentic: