Album front page not working, all media and changes erase upon updating

Hi, I am unable to recieve support on a new theme i just purchased. “Photon” by Apollo13 I bought it for its large photo slider front page for my website, I need a website by the weekend and I am already way over budget, I tried for a refund but there wont be a response for another 2 weeks because the author is out on vacation.

The theme was very simple to edit, until it came to creating my album slideshow front page. when I add photos to my album for the front page and hit update, everything that I changed and added to the album disappears, and the front page is black with a menu on top, Ive tried galleries ive tried third party plugins nothing will make it work like it did in the demo i was looking at when I bought the theme. I am new to web design this is my first site, has anyone experineced a similar issue? Is it the theme or wordpress, or both?

Thanks in advance