Alaska Theme Parallax options do not match demo

I purchased the Alaska theme, and loaded the demo content so that my base design looks like this

The issue that I am having, is that the parralax configuration does not match, and the base html is different. Because of this, the sections with background images show up incorrectly.

For instance, their code for this section shows…

<div class="bg_parallax vc_custom_1420610948091 bg-parallax-parent fixed"

and mine shows with…

After checking the css, it turns out that the reason for the issue is this

.vc_parallax > * {
position: relative;
z-index: 1;

Focused, it is this

.vc_parallax > * {
position: relative;

Because of this, I need to know what is required to convert the rendered html from vc_parallax -> bg_parallax as the only two options available to me when editing that section is


  • none
  • simple
  • with fade

and none of those seem to provide the intended result.

Thanks for your assistance. Just trying to get used to this theme before I start doing overhauls.