ALASKA Child Theme Share Buttons Question


I have an issue with the ALASKA Child 1.3.3 theme blog/post page.

Right now each post is showing a ‘share this’ section at the bottom, which includes some social media icons. I want to add a LinkedIn icon but I cannot find a way to do this. I tried a widget that includes several social media icons that I could use instead, but I still can’t find a way to delete the theme icons so that only the widget appears. Here is a screenshot

Can anyone help/guide me with this?

Thank you!

Hi @etroco,

Welcome to the forums! As far as I see @Theme-Studio doesn’t support this item, and unless there’s a specific method described in theme docs, adding new icon will require editing core theme files.

Please try to contact theme author first, they could be the first to help you adding this icon:

Alternatively you may consider hiring a professional on Envato Studio:


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