AJ's search algorithm is not sustainable. The Popular Files list is going stale.




I am incredibly surprised that the Author of this huge Internet site itself communicates with sellers. Allow you to express your respect, because I personally find out for the first time in my life such an amazing phenomenon!
Let me take this opportunity to convey to you a request from having a small number of sound designers who sell licenses for their sounds here:
We ask to create a section for sounds, with the title “The Art of Sound”. I, for example, like other authors, have sounds that are related to the work of art (in the field of sounds). These masterpieces are very difficult to stick into any existing section, because they all have a utilitarian character.I have to choose a section conditionally and come up with a name that would be in demand in this section. But this is not always true. Also, such a sound can easily be lost in a continuous stream of utilitarian sounds (which is sad).
All the time of my sales, I study my customers and I am sure that such a section can become demanded and interesting for them, even if the prices in it are at the premium level. I know for sure that such sounds will be demanded by film producers, since I myself have been working with sound in cinema for 30 years.
This will be a new service on the Audio Jungle website. But, this is a reason for new marketing calls to our customers.
This will give more chances to real artists and will further enhance the reputation of the Audio Jungle among high-budget producers. (And we will provide the content without any problems)

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I emplore Envato to take a look at the current system and realise that it’s so competitive now that nearly NO new items can make it. When we release new items, they need a massive amount of sales in the first few weeks to even make a small dent. Otherwise they fall into oblivion. It’s next to impossible for new items to emerge and take their place in the popular files list.

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Thanks for this Topic its really very helpful and am also supporting your Topic.


+1 …I upload weekly and all tracks seem to vanish, like I made no new music at all.

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The same here :confused:


Me and my friend checked Popular Files for about 2 months, and you know what? There are:

  • almost never new files
  • only old top-seller tracks (2, 3, 4 years old…)
  • tracks in this list are almost the same every week

I think it’s an awful situation. The majority of sales on audiojungle have THE SAME tracks again and again for months and years.
I also checked that the majority of new files for the last year have no or low sales. And it’s TENS OF THOUSANDS of tracks. And please don’t say about that all these tracks are templates and so on. No, among them a lot oа really good and not templated tracks.
All this devalues the work of conscientious authors and demotivates so much. One day you discover that you are like a worker at the machine at the factory, making again and again beautiful parts that nobody needs (sees).

But I guess the biggest problem is all this threads and talks mean nothing because guys from Envato don’t read all this forum stuff.


Oh, they do. They just don’t give a fo about our opinions or suggestions. Try writing the name of a competing marketplace or calling out authors with rip-offs or duplicated items. They’ll ban you in the blink of an eye.


envato receives a stable income from them, changes always risky in business, give them a weighty argument which is the most profitable for envato, then they will immediately take action.

Tracks that sell well have already recommended their authors, those authors update their portfolios and new items quickly gain high sales - this is stability, which says that new authors and low-selling tracks are not a reason to change something

I advise you to forget about this problem and think about how to promote yourself, there are many companies on the Internet that are engaged in promotion, you pay them for one 1,000 and sell the tracks for 10,000, stop complaining and start doing business seriously.

Thanks for attention


I’m sure it’s done automatically, moderators just receive notification if someone uses the “X” words.


I have an identical opinion with you. But I also think they check in their free time which topics are discussed but do not necessarily answer them.