AJ's search algorithm is not sustainable. The Popular Files list is going stale.



Ahh, thank you, this is my fav track too. If it will not sell here, i will move it to other market. Thanks for support.


Hi SteelSound,

I think you’ve missed the point of the thread. This thread is not about me. It’s to prompt Envato to do something about a system that is unfair to all authors, including yourself.

So while a system where new tracks get better recognised may benefit me, advocating for such a system would also potentially disrupt my top selling items. However, it’s a risk I’m willing to take so that AJ remains a fresh marketplace with new items that have a chance at selling.

Not sure how you arrived at the conclusion that I was complaining about my own situation on AJ. Personally I couldn’t be happier and am extremely grateful for the privilege of having top selling items.


Awesome James…Maybe beat the drum of curated playlists. You guys have more access to envato staff.
My vision for keeping promoted tracks as “fresh” would be a playlist of 20 tunes for each genre. The selected 20 could live up there for 1 month, then rotate in 20 new tracks each month.


The last thing Leon needs is another featured file :wink: He’s had 2! Lol, jk.

Solid track mate. I actually listened to it a few hours ago. Great production and sound as always.


You have my vote.

But that’s a different story for another day. We all know the featured file system leaves a lot to be desired. Your idea would be welcome in my view.

What I’m most concerned about is a way to minimise the effects of saturation through a better search algorithm. Theoretically, it doesn’t matter how many tracks are on AJ, as long as the newest files are always accessible for a short while.


I want to add some thoughts on a more equitable search.

In the earlier topics raised at the forum, much has been said about pricing and that only the author should determine the price. I absolutely agree with that. ADP is a great solution. But on the other hand, we have a community dissatisfaction with the fact that many authors put a minimum price tag on the product to promote and get into popular files, and then put the average market price tag. Everything seems to be within the rules, but everyone understands that this is a cheat. The problem is not in the low price tag, as such, but in the low price tag FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING into the top, due to the search algorithm that takes into account the number of sales.
If the author’s goal is to devalue his work-it is his right. No one is against. But using this to hit the top is cheating. Propose to configure the search algorithm in such a way that this cheat was not possible to use. For example, give priority to the average market value. Or consider not the number of sales, and the amount of the transaction.
ADP will be respected. The search will be fairer.

Hope to be heard @BenLeong and @Sarah_G. What is your opinion about this?

Idea for search algoritm update

or the popular files can become “tracks generating the most revenue last week”…Then the “cheaters” are squashed from their big plans. And James…adding to this post…Yes…new music is neglected but that problem can easily be changed. I heard that the way featured tracks are chosen is first via reviewer curation. They then forward what they “thought” was the most catchy or sellable track to staff, then staff makes a decision on which one to feature. If reviewers all forwarded their favorite 5 rock tunes, then 5 corporate, 5 jazz, 5 orchestral…etc…Staff gets a pre-curated list, then they finalize the curation and release playlists each month. This would liven up this market a lot AND prevent copying and template style corporate tracks AND do the customers a massive favor by curating for them. The playlists do not really always need to be new releases though.



Search system is changing from time to time but popular files stay popular. If you ask me popular files should be there and they should be more visible because they are not there for no reason. After all, we all want to have file there.

Envato did great job to add „Popular new files“ but it`s hard to get there too, especialy with this search system, huge competition, clones etc.

It seams Envato is focusing the most on elements right now (not just AJ) and don`t have „time“ to control this site and do it better. It seams they don t have interest as they used to.

Btw I have not had anything in popular files for so long, I don t have any big hit, I am not included in element, very weak in current search system, I dropped from 4th position to 50th, IRS is taking 30% from my USA buyers and many other things „hit“ me during these past 10 years and I`m still here “fighting” like everybody else.

As I said many times the problems is not search system (we know it can be better) but real problems are…no ID number, thieves, pirates, clones, multiple accounts and many other factors that ruin this site quickly.

This time I won`t mention huge taxes, fees, credits removal, 5$ tracks, elements, tax withheld etc.

I`m very dissapointed and sad but I still belive in this site and hope it will be better. I belive even search system will be better :slight_smile:

Good luck to all of us!


@steelsound Your curated playlist ideas are great, I really think we need a new thread for that so we can brainstorm a little, do you want to create a thread with your ideas?

I hear your concerns and you are right there are many problems that needs to be addressed, but I think we should try to focus on the search engine in this thread. If something smart can be done with the search engine, we can at least minimise the $5 tracks and have more of effective “snowball” effect for newer tracks if they sell well or bring in good revenue (or both).

$5 tracks have not been a big problem but it looks like the problem is increasing and this motivates even more authors to price dump to be on the popular list. So all you with dinosaur tracks on the popular list should probably worry more about future $5 tracks on the popular list than healthy changes to the search engine.


Thanks André for taking us back to the topic at hand. This is turning into a “list all your personal gripes / grand ideas about AJ” thread, when it’s meant to be about the search algorithm.

If anyone has an idea they need to express outside the scope of the search algorithm, please do so in another topic. I’ll be sure to support all your ideas.



In support of that effort, it would be great if everyone would read through what’s already been posted before adding their views. Many valuable observations and suggestions have already been made, and restating them as if they are fresh ideas is sort of the forum equivalent of clone tracks and soundalikes. :slight_smile: If we can’t even listen to each other on this thread, it’s unlikely Envato will listen either.


Why don’t we ask Ben? @BenLeong Since you very often interest the authors on the forum and new interesting ideas (from this side(what the authors say)) if you could draw your attention to us for a couple of minutes, we would be happy and glad to see your answers here! :blush: We are waiting…


Guys, please keep it on topic.


As stated before, if you have ideas to express outside the scope of this thread, please open another topic.


Of course I support your topic! :wink:


Do you see my post? I post my thoughts but I can see it here :confused: Can you see it please?


@Fox_Production you’re testing my patience. I explicitly stated that posts in this thread must be on topic. I deleted your posts because you have blatantly ignored the past posts by myself and others and you continue to post off-topic content.


We all have known for about 5 years or more now that the search algorithm and structure around popular files is a “problem” or “challenge” or “Unfair” system that neglects new music. My ideas above are not really new. We all advocated for playlists that are actually “visible” on page 1 of AJ. Scott Willis’s shout out for “Best Music for_______” is not enough and those lists do nothing for anybody from my perspective. No offense Scott and we all thank you for trying to make a difference.

How to REALLY get results. The authors doing the best here have a lot more power than they may realize. You need to basically form an audio jungle “Board of directors” so to speak where you all meet privately and discuss these issues, vote on them, then approach Envato with a strong unified voice that literally gives an ultimatum as in “Make these changes or we will simply move our catalogs to another platform”.

Otherwise, this is just another brainstorm session that fades into ether dust.


Clearly staying on topic is too big an ask. I’m closing this thread.

Once again, for matters not concerning the search engine, please start a new topic.

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