Ajax load more bug

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded this theme (lotus) form envato elements, took a new license and etc. but can’t reach with author, there was some issues with demo content, but I saw many people got same issues, but never-mind, problem with AJAX “Load more” button of product grid.
Thing is - when I’m pressing Load more button (I translated that in lithuanian language - Rodyti daugiau means Load more), so when I’m pressing that - goes not so well, actually it’s working, but no properly.
It shows not all products before button press, as you can see in screenshot - “One”, it looks alright, four columns but last row - not full, but it should be full.

After button press, products layout goes like this (screenshot - “two”), it looks like doesn’t filling free space for one more product in last row.
After that, when you going down (You have to choose category “Visi” that means in English - All), you can see that button getting repeated, and product getting repeated as well.
I’m not sure what’s wrong, so I’m asking just to have a look what’s wrong with it.
If you had same issue in the past and know how to fix it and where - tell me, I’ll try to fix it and save your time, otherwise I’d be thankful!

for your help.


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