Ajax Full Featured Calendar 2

Bought this Calendar, but just get a blank page. Author has not responded to multiple requests for assistance. Should I ask Envato for a refund or report this as fraud?


When did you buy it and how long ago did you contact the author?


See what @charlie4282 has already asked you. It seems that you have made a review on this item, so if you bought it 4 hours ago, then complained, it seems unfair to expect a response.

If you bought it a week ago, but just installed it 4 hours ago and found an issue, then see my point above.

If you bought it 3 months ago, installed it 3 months ago, and the author has not responded, then you might think there is a problem.

Generally speaking, some buyers think if they have an issue, they then expect an immediate reply from an author, and sadly that does not always happen. It could be a weekend, a non-working day, or perhaps the author is on holiday, sick or some other reason why they cannot be at your beckon call.

It does not mean its fraud!

Just check the documentation first. You’re probably missing some configuration/set-up.
Support is usually within 1-2 working days if they are not busy.

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I’ve gone through the Readme, what documentation and support links is very minimal. Left with no recourse…

October 1st, contacted the Author twice, even bought 1 year support…

Bought it a week ago, installed it a week ago. Contacted author twice, no reply.

I have sent you a Private Message