AJ Suggestion - New Filter - Authors's Showcase

What if there was a new filter for items in AJ. Basically an Author’s pick where each author could select their very best track to be displayed under the filter results. It would mean that each author is represented equally by their very best song. Buyers could search within the results for the style or mood that they are looking for and it would mean they’re more likely to come across something new.
For authors it would mean that they could showcase their best song that might otherwise be buried in search results of an oversaturated category.

There are great songs that may not have even been previewed before, the great thing would be that this filter would not only display the very best that each author has to offer (whether it be a cinematic, corporate, metal track etc) but it could be updated with new files as authors swap for a new track that they feel is stronger.

It would always show the same amount of results (one track per author), and could change all the time as authors showcase newer, better tracks. It would be diverse and condensed for buyers and equal to all authors.


A search filter for authors’ own featured items, interesting. Even more so if you could feature one item per category.

I Support this!

I think it would be better with just one track per author. That way it’s the single best track from that author and everyone is represented by a single file. The main idea would be that each category in this filter would be a lot less cluttered. Even at one file per author it will still be a lot of files.

But there would also be the option to change your featured file. It could direct more traffic to an authors portfolio too.

It might be a good idea…