AJ & EE Improvements Wishlist #3: Unique Badge

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#3: AJ & EE Improvements Wishlist #3: Unique Badge

AJ & EE Improvements Wishlist #3: Unique Badge


The most creative and unique tracks on AudioJungle should have an “unique” badge set during the review process. Same as “tredning” badge. "The “unique” check box should be added to search filters.


  • to help buyers in finding unique tracks in this ocean of repetitive music. In the video industry Envato is well known for the cliche and kitsch music. Some may call it even “a bad reputation”. But we have a lot of other great tracks which are hidden under tons of repetitive tracks
  • to attract premium clients from the TV/Film industry who often buy more expensive broadcast licenses

Envato needs to hire a team who will go in and delete the trash - IMHO.


Maybe not delete but set lower visibility rating.

No, deletion is the better option.

Maybe a “template” category?

There was a source category but it was discontinued due to a low demand. Too many DAWs, 3rd party plugins and libraries to handle universal product category imho.

The concept of “unique” is different for everyone. What criteria can there be? Better let them delete the old tracks without sales and reduce the limit.


My vote for delete trash. This place will benefit more from being nice and clean, than from keeping super big library with “zombie” tracks. If a track is up here for year and still have 0 sales I guess we can admit that it simply does not fit this platform and delete it (and the search engine will keep it in search limbo forever anyway)