AJ & EE Improvements Wishlist #1: New categories Lo-Fi and Collage

I am here long enough to have some ideas about improving our market. I thought I should share them with fellow authors and staff. Let us make a good starting point for future changes even though improvements rate is very low now.



#1: AJ & EE Improvements Wishlist #1: New categories Lo-Fi and Collage
#2: AJ & EE Improvements Wishlist #2: Collections UI

AJ & EE Improvements Wishlist #1: New categories Lo-Fi and Collage


New categories are needed! I propose introducing those two as a test:

  • Lo-Fi is a currently very trendy genre which should have it’s own category on AJ.

  • Collage category could be a unique creative category where composers upload tracks which are a mix of existing genres, e.g. electro-blues, quirky beats, hip hop-jazz beatbox, stomp and claps with piano or percussive track using only basketball sounds etc.


  • It looks like AudioJungle slowed down in terms of creating new trends and became very repetitive. I do not remember any major new trend in the last two-three years. I think it’s time to stimulate creativity of content creators because creative ones are the biggest influencers in the industry. Let’s make a trend, then let’s sell it.

  • Both proposed categories do not interfere with existing ones. These Lo-Fi and Collage genres could be introduced as a new categories or as a new subcategories of the “Miscellaneous” category.

  • I can imagine a very nice mailing campaign introducing them and emphasizing the creative and high-end side of AudioJungle and Audio in Elements.

  • In the future… There is a huge need of adding other new categories like trap, future bas, 8 bit, cyberpunk, synth wave, big beat, trip hop, electro swing, beatbox, progressive house, big room, hybrid trailer, acoustic corporate, boom bap, newschool etc. I would suggest unblocking item genre change for authors, at least for those new genres. This way we could move existing tracks to new categories. But that’s “the melody of the future”…

What do you think? Share your thoughts.


I absolutely agree. The Lo-Fi genre is very much needed.

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Anything that provides a diverse and high-quality choice for buyers is a good thing. Any improvements that allow creative content to be available is a great idea. I do not know much about Lo-Fi but if that is in trend then Envato needs to embrace it quick so that it becomes a “stopping” point for buyers who want that fresh and exciting sound. The only downfall of course would be the net result of copy-cat and template tracks with the price dumping seen with the corporate genre.
Great idea to introduce more creative categories but make sure that the platform makes the necessary changes and improvements to facilitate this direction.
I fully support this idea. +1


+1 and I would also include Future Bass for third.


I think giving the customer the opportunity to use stems would attract a lot of new customers. It would be possible to create a separate section for tracks divided into stems.


There is already music kits. Would that not be the same thing giving the buyer the ability to “customise” a track to suit a purpose?

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In music kits, there is no way to make it quieter or remove an unnecessary instrument. Stems provide much more options for adjusting the track to adapt to the video. Kits are definitely a great idea for creating the required timing. But what to do if any instrument interferes or a slightly different balance is needed.

This is just my opinion. This may not be the best idea, but I saw fit to share it.

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Another problem may arise with stems. Accurate identification of the Content ID track in finished video projects. After all, the client will be able to change the track quite strongly to suit his needs.

That’s a really good idea. Sometimes when I’m trying to determine the proper category for a new track, I find myself wishing there were a few more. It also might help prevent people from naming genres or moods in their track titles. :rofl:


How about Retro Synth wave?


I agree, I like it!


Here my suggestion :
Main -Hip Hop
Sub category
-Boom Bap
- Lo-fi
- Trap

I would like to add,
80s Music Category,

80s Chillwave,
Retro Synth Pop (etc)

Or less accurate and more general

Also maybe " Stomp Music"