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Read these rules in their entirety so we all are on the same page:


Take a tip, leave a tip. Right here, right now. We all need 'em. You might have one.


It’s my belief that: If you do better -> the marketplace does better -> I do better -> the marketplace does better -> you do better. If we all do better, we all do better. :slight_smile:


1.Let’s keep a numbering format like I have started below.

This helps in organization when referencing a tip. The idea is for this to build and build and continually be something to refer back to and refer new authors to who begin entire new threads titled something like, “What do I do?! Help a new author!!” (I did it. It’s okay.)

  1. Keep tips relevant to operation on the AudioJungle marketplace, or tips for the web in general (like how to promote, use of referral links, etc.).

    Avoid recording technique tips, as these can become quite lengthy and also have to do a lot with preference, which spark debates, and ruins the ability of others to quickly read through these tips. Leave recording tips only if their short, interesting, and unconventional (something like: “Tip #____: Record vocals surrounded on all sides by lava lamps for an especially bright sound.” I just made this up. But go ahead and try it if you want…). Industry standard techniques can be researched online and don’t need to have a home in the AJ Book of Tips. :wink:

  2. Please help keep this list clean and organized. Use the numbering system. After submitting, check to see if your tip needs editing as someone could have been typing out a tip at the same time and beat you to the punch with the same Tip number! Hit the edit button below your thread post and correct your Tip number!

    I understand there are going to be some people who get this wrong. Just expect it to happen. That’s okay. Some tips may have the same number. The idea is to have this ordered as correctly as possible.

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Tip #_____: blahbleeblah tippitytiptippytip. Thishashelpedme youshoulddothis.

*Be aware that any violation of these rules may result in a kind redirection by someone who has read and is following these rules.

Please keep interactions on this thread kind and helpful. Oh, and have fun!


Tip #1: While writing your song’s description and tags, have your song playing on loop in the background. Try to remain as present with your song as possible in order to best describe it.

First track approved - how to generate interest and sales?

Tip #2: When making a tips thread, make sure to ask Envato to sticky it in the forum, otherwise it will eventually get lost because of the lack of a decent forum search system.

Tip #3: Slow and steady wins the race. There is serious money to be made here over a long period of time if you stick at it.


Tip #4: Before you submit you track for review, make sure you give it a few days of rest, then listen to it again on different speakers/headphones.

If you think your track still sounds absolutely awesome, go ahead and submit it, but if you think you could definitely improve it, get back to work and repeat the process.

Tip #5: If you know your track could be improved but are unsure as to what to do to make it better, upload it on SoundCloud or equivalent and submit it to your peers in the Item Discussion forum or the Facebook AudioJungle Author’s Group for a little more privacy.

Tip #6: To sum up tips #4 and #5, make sure your tracks are always top notch before you submit them for review. You will save yourself and the reviewers a lot of time and frustration by doing so.


Tip #6: Make a goal of creating X amount of new music a week and stick to it.


Tip #8: You have built a great portfolio over the years and you are ready to upload it here. Great, you’re probably ahead of most of everybody, but make sure you don’t upload it all at once.

Tip #9: You will be better off uploading a track once every week or every two weeks rather than several tracks at once.

garethcoker said

Tip #2: When making a tips thread, make sure to ask Envato to sticky it in the forum, otherwise it will eventually get lost because of the lack of a decent forum search system.

Sticky. :slight_smile:


Tip #10: Make sure your melodies are sticky in the heady, you want to be catchy now don’t you?


Tip #11: And if you don’t have melodies in your music, your production values for whatever backing track you are doing had better be top notch.


Tip #12: Figure out what the buyers at the site are looking for, in order to do that, check out the popular items and discover new trends. Then try to create something in the same kind of style.


Tip #13: Innovate | If you are able to create a trend, you will be the chief benefactor of that trend when it catches. Try to do something that’s never been done. Try to think beyond the norm. If you aren’t catching fish, then change your bait.

Tip #14: Do not get discouraged when you discover that 9/10 “innovative” ideas will probably not produce the outcome you were hoping for… but the one that catches on will make it all worth it.


Tip #15: It definitely helps setting your personal goals, which you can have influence on. DO set goals like numbers of items in portfolio by certain date, or number of tracks uploaded per week. DO NOT set goals like number of sales or amount of money earned - you can’t control these. For example: I will get at least 50 songs in my portfolio by the end of this year.


Tip #16: Sales are flowing in real time. Avoid to use F5 or look into top right corner too often. You can suffer from serious eyes and fingers disfunction and it’s addictive. Better install any sales notification app and concentrate on work


Tip #17: Give to your profile page a professional look, don’t focus only on the music, it’s very important the first impression you give to your visitors.

  • Get a nice picture of yourself or some cool image (don't let the default image as is).
  • Add filters to help buyers to find your work easily (like in my profile page :))
  • Talk about yourself
  • Add contact info and social networks links


Tip #18: Try to collaborate with VideoHive authors, it could help both to get lots of exposure.


Tip #19: Do not harass Videohive authors for collaborations. If your work is good, they will find you.


Tipe #20: Invest in a good set of monitors and “learn” them. It will change your life.


Tip #21: Learn what a referral link is and how to create them. Use them to get paid while attracting new buyers to your portfolio!


Tip #22: Use search tags wisely, and effectively, and make sure they are all actually related and relevant to the item you are submitting. Think like a buyer who is entering search terms. What words relating to the style, mood, setting, feeling could be entered to find this item.


Tip #23: Always know your demographics and target market and play to that. Most of the people buying here are in video/TV/film production.

Tip #24: Pay attention to the music used on TV shows, both stock and popular and the feel it has versus what is going on screen. This will help you produce more of what clients want (see Tip #23)


Tip #25: Join Soundcloud groups and add your tracks:


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