Aimp4 music player

I just would like you to give a try to Aimp4 recently updated music player. It is up to me by far the best in its kind. Music library, Tags editor, radio player… I’m wondering what these russians guys made for the new update

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Thanks for the news! It is also my favorite audio player. Just tried 4 version. It looks unusual, but pretty awesome. Some new features and fixes. New design is in a contemporary style.

Everyone can download. Hope the link is allowed in this case: I obviously do not work for Aimp and the software is completely free. Here we go:

Btw do not forget to unmark Yandex-stuff during the instalation (of course you can leave it in case you would like to use it).

I didn’t know the Yandex thing in the installation. I don’t remember if I unclicked that option as I install so quick every new soft that comes to my pc. I hope it is not a trojan or something intrusive like that. Anyway I’m enjoyining AIMP4 a lot I chosed the black skin for the player and looks so cool.

Octopusic, thank you for the news and information! Updated favorite player!

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