AI / PDF to DOCX (DOC/RTF) converting with saving text boxes and frames

I sought the answer to this question in support of Microsoft and Adobe, but never received a response. (
Therefore, I appeal to Members of the forum.

This questions regarding in correct file conversion of AI (Adobe Illustrator) to DOC,through PDF format.
Illustrator CS5, MS Word 2010 I do this as follows:

  • AI -> PDF
  • Convert PDF to DOC using Acrobat 11.
    Everything seems simple, but there is a problem in formatting the output file in Word.
    The fact that the text in its formatted using tabs and paragraphs.

Q:Tell me how to set up this scheme so that when transferring file DOC in the
final text and graphics are formatted with text blocks and frames. I saw
the files are converted so that’s why I had a question.


Thank you in advance!