Ai chat clone like chatopia

Chatopia is an Al chatbot that can talk, role play and explore a new world and relationships with AI friends. With a friendly and engaging personality, Chatopia is the perfect companion for chatting and spending time. Whether you want to have a casual conversation, engage in exciting role-playing, or even try deep conversations, Chatopia is always ready to chat.

can anyone give me link to purchase this script or its clone?

can anyone suggest where to buy this script?
can anyone give link to get a clone of this app?

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find something so niche when the technology is still so new. There are plenty of chatbot apps for sale, but I don’t see anything to create individual characters quite yet.

@baileyherbert thank you for your reply, can you recomend any other ai chatbot close or very close to it?

Most if not all of the apps up for sale right now (from that link I posted above) are tailored towards virtual assistants and customer support. I really don’t see anything that comes close to what you’re looking for.

I also would question the ethics of using a service like ChatGPT for this due to the privacy concerns. It would be more appropriate to use a self-hosted chat AI which is not something you’ll currently find for sale on a marketplace.

For these reasons I suspect this type of app will need to be privately developed for quite some time.

can you recommend developers?

Yes – the authors of the various chatbot apps for sale on CodeCanyon.

If you see any apps in here that look interesting to you, then you can contact those authors from their profile pages to see if they are open for custom work. These will be the individuals who are most familiar with this technology. I don’t know of anyone else.

@baileyherbert can this be a plugin? that switches the photos?

Yes, that definitely sounds possible, but still will most likely require custom development because it’s such a niche feature.

I’d start by planning out a few different potential directions you’d like to take this idea, and then reaching out to authors from the marketplace who sell similar products to see if they are willing to help you build them. They’ll honestly be the best ones to advise whether certain features are possible.

Thank you @baileyherbert for your moderation. Your point was pricise, you pointed to the right direction in achieving the ploblem. If i will give a rating, i will give you a 5 star… unfortuanly this app does not have the function to give tips/donations to modertors. :slight_smile:
i have sent out mass messages just as you described, hoping to get responds soon…

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