Agressive Elements Banner

Aggressive Elements Banner? Not anymore. :see_no_evil:

Currently Envato Market is a huge advertising platform for Elements… :flushed:

Why can’t I find similar buttons on the Elements site?


Unlimited Downloads V 2.0

And you are still here and hope for the best…

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The way things are so out of place right now, I feel like one day I will wake up and hear news about closing the markets and continue only with Elements. You’re simply using us, the authors who wait relentlessly for a sale, to promote your new subscription model.


I’ve sold my last AE project twice in 6 days here on the market…
Same file on EE, same timeframe, has been downloaded probably hundreds of times and made less than 1$…
Me and Envato have made more money after 2 sales here on VH than on EE…
This customer has just spent 23$ and who knows how much more on the main market, but Envato doesn’t like money and want him to spend 30$ for free downloads…
It just doesn’t make sense at all!

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2023: Envato Markets closing soon :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:


When you wonder why there are no sales, watch this video!

@DesignSomething Yes, usually Elements aggressive ads on the Market is the main reason of low sales, not even holidays.


I wouldn’t be surprised if EE will switch to FREE downloads just like unsplash…Envato is even among “one of the world’s biggest brand they’re proud to call partners” from what I can read on unsplash…

Imagine the traffic that a website like EE would generate with free downloads…and imagine how much money big corporations would be keen to pay to display their ads in front of 600k+ free donwloaders…
I mean, Envato has been leading this race to the bottom since years, the only thing left to do after unlimited downloads is obviously…free downloads! :smiling_face_with_tear:


The adverts are not only in the marketplace. There are dozens of videos on YouTube promoting this free-trial bul***t without any download limit and with commercial license included.

This perfectly explains why all my items that I uploaded to Elements can be found for free all over the internet.

It’s already been a few months since I completely gave up uploading new files.

When someone asks me for support, I redirect them to envato-support. At least let them do something besides giving my items for free.

And we are still getting paid for those free downloads…
They’re probably testing if free downloads is sustainbale…
Next step will be 14-days trial, 1 month trial and oooops free downloads forever :joy:

Great! So they finally found a way to advertise Elements on not only the homepage, but also on all our items’ pages, profile, and even checkout, so up until to the last moment they are trying to steal customers.

How can we keep advertising our profile and our items when you have a highlighted “Unlimited Downloads” ad on top? Are we now paying our Ads just for people to be whisked away by Elements?


7 days it is more then enough to download all. Imagine that there are click-farms that can download entire site in hours for free and resell it in bulk. They make more money then us.


True, but it would lead to customers leaving the platform, which is something they’re trying to avoid.
Free downloads forever means you can take your time with browsing, no rush and consistent downloads…Just like youtube, the watch-time is important because then you can be targeted with ads.

Subscription model is a trend. It is implemented on all marketplaces. It was implemented at small scale by all the websites that sells bundles. For that moment in the past was tempting (I participated in few bundels myself) but for long run that items that was sold in bundles never sold that much.

Now the big marketplaces implemented this bundles at large scale and once again I took the bait (stupid me) and my items become worthless in long time. Big authors declined Elements offer. You will never see a huge item like Avada or The7 on Elements.

This is what happens when contributors submit content, subscribers downloading large amount of files, small return per downloaded item, contributor bonus taken away and still contributors cannot understand why sales have slowed down. Authors who are not part of Elements have been stitched up. Also can authors really know that the right license has been used especially regarding the higher tier licenses for audio?

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I would suggest to remove your items from Elements.

I’ve already removed my top selling items since few days from Elements and I’ve restored my activation system to avoid them to be activated in more domains they should be.


I do the same thing.
First of all I removed my best sellers from the elements. And now step by step I’m removing all of my items from the elements.

Maybe it is a coincidence, but after I started removing my items from the elements - sales on the marketplace started coming.


Honestly, it’s pointless wasting any time with Envato anymore.

They’ve clearly demonstrated they are very happy to advertise Elements all over regular authors item pages, and now with a shiny big link at the top of every page.

Of course they’re allowed to do that, it’s a business, they can do what they want.

But it’s a deeply unpleasant way to behave, to say the least.

Give it a few years and the subscriptions websites will die anyway. It’s an unsustainable business model, based on the vast, vast majority of contributors earning next to nothing.


I’m curious: when will you start to promote Codecanyon with so many links, banners, popups on Elements?