Agency refuses to give purchase code to me

I am in a bit of a confusion here.
We have purchased a website, which was made by an agency. We have since stopped working with them. The site was created with betheme theme from themeforest. The theme requires the purchase code again. I have talked with the company but they say they used a “corporate license” and they don’t want to and also not allowed to give us the code.
Is there even a thing like this?
I have read in the themeforest FAQ that, if you make a website as a freelancer or agency, you are required to transfer the code to the buyer, because it’s like you are purchasing it for them… Whether if its standard or extended license.
What are my options here?

Thanks beforehand :slight_smile:

No there is not - it is 1 license per website regardless of the license type so there is no reason for them not to give it to you unless they are misusing it/plan to

It is a difficult situation as it is off network and a private agreement but still you would be well within your rights to have the purchase code.

At the VERY least they should use the envato plugin to setup auto updates of the theme and plugins in WP-admin (that will require the p/code but they can just enter it)

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your agency misused the license. license is unique and each unique website requires individual license. in this case I would like to recommend please purchase a theme license from your account and setup the purchase code. by purchasing the theme you will be able to download all future update of the theme and theme bundle update plugins. and your website will be safe running.

Note: every customer should to purchase theme/item from their own envato account. so that they can get full access of the download for future need.


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Thanks for your answers. I have since talked with envato’s customer support. Unfortunately, we had to purchase it. They said there’s nothing they can do about this, which is a pity.


While I completely see your side of this - this is the danger of private agreements outside of envato. There’s no way for them to become involved. At least now you get extra support and no concerns of limited access