Again why a rejected ?

Here, the reference track I bought. I worked on it for hours. I listened to the samples. Sad last. Again, it was not accepted. Can someone please tell me why you’re not accepted ?

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I would say there are a few issues with the track:

  1. The mix, especially at the beginning, sounds like there is much too significant of a high-pass – I can hear no lower frequencies at all

  2. You need to make better use of your stereo field and volume. Sections like 0:20 – 0:30 have so much going on, everything is fighting over space and nothing is making use of different volumes, EQ, or stereo field to my ears.

  3. The cymbals/risers you have do not sound natural at all – they end slightly before the next sound comes in, they are much too loud and they have no tail, reverb on them.

Hopefully this doesn’t come across as too harsh, but these are the things I hear. I think the melodies you have are good and I see the ideas you are going for, but it sounds to me like you need more experience with mixing.

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Hi !!! I agree with the opinion of “REALLIFEALWAYS” and posted my thoughts in the video here - 01. Happy Music Full Version . Good luck!!!

Theme is too repetitive, gets boring very fast.

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Waowww thank you so so much.

Thanks Audioland

Thanks thanks so so much

Thank you very much for this wonderful educational video. You’ve done me a wonderful favor.