Again SOFT REJECTED my item psd please help me

Hi to all:

Please help me my item psd is soft rejected.

  1. Typography still appears pixelated in some areas.
    example: and there are more.

  2. The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work. For more information, please read:

  3. Color palette still needs additional refinements/improvements.



Yes there need some improvement. Please contact me at and i guide you about it. Thanks


Many thanks I will send your email now :slight_smile:

Please Help me!!! it’s urgent i need, I think that finally my psd hard rejected becuase notihng help me here forums :frowning:

A few things noted.
Font does get pixelated and blur in the body text. Make sure you use a standard font size and style. Refer any good themes to get an idea plus the article above.

Review the article and make a checklist and then verify all the checklist to make sure you have followed all the rules from the article.

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Many thanks :slight_smile: I already fix it regards.