Again Rejected. But there is many themes available since 2014-2017?!


My WordPress theme has been rejected again.

I would like to ask the Envato team, why are there still WordPress or HTML templates from 2017 being published when my drafts comply with the 2021-2022 design standards and yet my theme is being rejected? There are thousands of WordPress themes available on ThemeForest that have been on sale since 2016-2019, but my up-to-date designs are being rejected.
Your team’s reviewer may not like the theme I created, but another reviewer may like it, or maybe many customers will like and purchase the product that you did not like.

1 - Screenshot by Lightshot
2 - Screenshot by Lightshot
3 - Screenshot by Lightshot
4 - Screenshot by Lightshot
And more…

If you upload these items today, they will be rejected as well.

i know but why they are not remove these items?

They’re doing it on CodeCanyon but I’m not sure about ThemeForest.