Again My signin/signup form rejected

my Sign up form got rejected again, anything i need to do to get accepted

Far too basic - why would someone pay for this when they can find versions, some even coded for free online.

It’s hard to tell on an ipad but looks like the icons and radio box in the first design are not fully aligned and that the margin after “Password?” is smaller then before the “Remember Me” radio box.

Either way you need considerably more features, options, layouts, device displays and so on to make it premium to a point that warrants someone paying for it.

thank you for mention my mistakes


What Charlie said.

Maybe try making it a full blown UI kit? The design is nice, as basic as it is. I could see it selling if you put in much more content such as different icons, buttons, sliders, rollover states, maybe even colour options? Also, make the preview flashy but classy, make it look like a lot of work was put into the preview, show off the quality of your item.