Again my php script rejected for the same reason

Previous day I uploaded a php script name web based Virtual wallet system and today 11:30am codecanyon team rejects my item at the same reason we found it isnt at the quality standard required to move forward. I didnt understand where should i improve my items I checked in envato quality requirements and make a item like this. I make a good documentation,high quality preview images and screenshots and code quality is also good but they didnt tell me any reason or problems in my item.please reply me what is the fault in my item - demo link : Ricardo Valdes

Help me I need authors feedback

Your design looks great.
Some points as follow you may need to work on it.

  1. Page taking more loading time. (33s)

  2. Color:

  3. Forgot password page broken.

  4. Links are not working in header bar.

Thank you

Thanks web magics for giving me your feedback. I will fix all the problems and can i resubmit this item again after fix those errors

In screenshot no 3 the features link is only to showcase the features not to redirect and others links are working

The website taking to much time to load because i am using a cheap hosting but if anyone install my script in good shared hosting this will perform good.

Your cheap hosting is extending load time AND sending security warnings.

This is likely to be a reason not to be reviewed or rejected. If you want to be an author here then you have to invest In the necessary requirements.

It’s double important given you item is a wallet which means any sign of uncertainty or issue is likely to be amplified for many buyers

Charlie4282 I am using namecheap hosting its bandwidth although good I have some others websites hosted on same hosting But i Don’t know why this was taking long time.