Again Hard Rejected I'm getting very discouraged

Again Hard Rejected I’m getting very discouraged. Could someone give me some useful feedback about this track please. Be honest!

Thank you very much.

Here is the comment from the )Envato Quality team reviewer:
This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.

Hi @innersample
Nice idea of the track! Beautiful music :+1:
I think it’s problem in mixing. There are lack in space, bass and clarity in high frequencies in my opinion. Good luck!

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Here is my pasta lol. and i really mean it, i like your track :wink:

First of all like your ideas and melody. Remember all what i’m going to say is just my opinion

Check it out “youtu(dot)be/1XNPJqQ_4NM”. You can do that with other EQs. Try to do that with some tracks that similar to yours.
Don’t forget you are mixing for people with cheap dynamics. They hear a lot of high freqs and not enough of low and mid, thats why most of the mixes here sounds really weird.

I don’t think your track sounds empty, it’s fine enough as it is. The main problem for me is balance, especially in high end. I thinks that’s it, maybe someone can say more.

Good luck with it! :wink:


NisusPrideMusic thank you very much for your feedback!!:+1:

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FireLast thank you very much for your feedback!!:+1:

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Nice track, but mixing is big problem…
Try to add space for instruments, change pan…
compressing and eqing also will help for your mix)
Your track ends very abruptly, try to add little tail :slight_smile:

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Infraction thanks a lot for your feedback. I will keep working on my mixing and mastering skills.:sweat_smile:

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Narrow stereo base. And dry (a little reverb) In my opinion. and the motive is not very commercial, it is more to the song.

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Thanks a lot EvgenM!!

The idea of this track is really pretty nice, i like it!

Major problem to my ears is the mixing, a bit of a narrow stereo image but dont feel discouraged, even the best authors get hard rejected sometimes, try to look at it as a way to improve yourself because thats your biggest competition. Keep going, your ideas are strong, maybe try to work on your mixing more. :smiley:

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AaronWildeMusic thank you for your motivating feedback. I appreciate that!! will go on also for the reason that i can’t stop making music :slight_smile: