Again Hard Rejected (Business Card)

Special Attention: n2n44 & GifCreator

Yesterday i got again hard rejected ( Business Card ).

I did all of the element within layered by name, downloaded Psd flat icon from online as qr code, icon etc.

Mockup Process:

First of all, i copy my main cmyk file and paste it destop then cut off bleed size and change mode rgb then click save for web (72 resolution) and save (Font Size & Back Size ) JPEG for mock up process.

Then, Open free downloaded mock up file and change the mock up presentation by font size & back size JPEG Pic and Click save for web (72 resolution).

After finishing single mock up presentation then open new file (590px + any related height) for Image Preview and drag all single mock up presentation JPEG file and click save for web ( 72 resolution).

Thumbnail 80px by 80px

Also, When i got 11 times rejected then buy a new items from After buying this item i clearly noticed that the item structure how the items was used layered by name, guideline etc.

Then, I got rejected 2nd more items after buying new items. Why…

Before buying item my every rejected files made same structure like purchased item.

I just want to know where is my fault… Then i would like to send my real main files to check where was my fault.

Please Help me to find out my mistake…

Tell me how can i send you my last rejected items…

If you’ve made some kind of technical error, like not uploading a preview image, or an incorrect file format… then you’ll usually be told so, and you’ll get a soft reject.

If you’re getting a hard reject and the message is something along the lines of “it’s not at the required standard” then they’re saying that the item isn’t of a sufficient level of quality to be accepted. Just so you know.

Anyway, it’s hard to tell why your item was hard rejected without seeing the rejection email and/or the item preview.

Thanks for your valuable reply…
Graphicriver sent me below email

Thanks for your submission.
After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘Corporate
Business Card’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward
with the review process on GraphicRiver. As the submission is too far
off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this
If you need some help meeting our submission requirements, be sure to take advantage of Envato Tuts+ tutorials, ask for feedback from your helpful community, and check out our support article.
We’d love for you to continue honing your craft and look forward to what you can come up with next time.

Envato Market Team

Yeah, they’re basically saying that the level of quality isn’t suitable for GraphicRiver, not that you’ve made some kind of technical error with regards to file formats or resolutions of anything like that. If you wanted to attach a copy of your preview image, then I’m sure people would be happy to provide some feedback on your item.

Give me you email i sent you the main files please…

No, I meant you should upload the image here to the forums. Although I might be able to provide some useful advice, I’m no GraphicRiver expert, so you’d be better adding it here publicly so people can chip in as and when.

How can i send you the main files to check please… #SpaceStockFootage

Just click on reply, then there’s the toolbar along the top of the reply box… go for the little arrow, which is the ‘upload’ tool.

I know but zip files not allow to upload

But your preview image will be a jpg, rather than a zipped file. Only your main file will be a zip, and there’s not much point in uploading your main file… just your preview image.

i already uploaded image preview JPEG file. And i didn’t upload any preview image for this items in

Ah right, only just seen that. Ok, cool.

I am sorry to say,your item clearly doesn’t meet the standard of graphicriver…It is obvious from the image you have uploaded!

Keep trying to improve yourself…