Again, Envato Reviewer Asking for Shop Page When Our Theme Does Not Compatible with WooCommerce

Hi everyone,
We just had a soft rejection & the reviewer asking for Shop page when this theme does NOT compatible with WooCommerce. Also, we’ve clearly mentioned on our re-submission review request that this is NOT compatible with WooCommerce. We’ve NOT checked the WooCommerce compatibility box on our item details. But again after re-submission, the reviewer asking for the Shop page.

Please anyone suggest what should we do? How to convince the reviewer that this theme is NOT compatible with WooCommerce. That’s why the Shop page is not showing.

Thanks & Regards

Hehe, you’re funny. Maybe you’ve copied someone’s code, and in there you have add_theme_support( ‘woocommerce’ ); and the reviewer is just following the rules saying this indirectly to you for obvious reasons. But this is a wild guess.

NOT at all. We didn’t added support for WooCommerce. Not even on functions or enqueue or any of our code structures. Also didn’t copied any code. This theme is entirely handmade by us. This is not the 1st WordPress theme by us. But confused, 02 times the reviewer asked for Shop page when this theme doesn’t comes with WooCommerce. Have any other guess, please suggest!

Said it was a wild guess! :smiley:

Yes, we know you didn’t mean it! :smiley:
But can you please suggest what will be the reason then?

Well, just try searching for ‘woocommerce’ (not case sensitive) within the theme folder, if nothing pops out then you’re probably right and reviewer made a mistake 2 times. In that case open a ticket in Envato Help Center and go from there.

Just checked again thought if any mistake. But it remains nothing. No woocommerce has found on our item. We think we should open a ticket in Envato support as you suggest.