Again biased elections by Reviewers

In this marketplace has enough middle finger animations but reviever didnt accepted my item with this purpose :

My question is , then Why THEY ARE ACCEPTING THAT?!

Im really pissed off, its discrmination.

If you want to hear the advice of other authors, you should show a preview of your video.
It’s impossible to comment without seeing what you submitted

Hi there and thanks for you feedback. Its not necessary, because main thing in my topic isnt focused to quality of item. As you see snapshot of mail it says"videohive is marketplace for customers of all ages, whcich means we cannot accept suggestive content for sale." However already accepted thousands of videos like that. Question is, why envato didnt deletes another videos? Or why envato didnt accepted my animation for this reason?
Anyways… Here is video I uploaded special for videohive . :

I want to just shout my voice to envato staff, I want to share my difficulty as an author. And I want to do it in public, thats why I opened this thread.

First of all, you showed other items from the “Stoke Footages” category, although your item belongs to "Motion Graphics"category. Idea of ​​the video is good, but as for me, the item is not ready to be approved. Hands have a strange yellowish color (as if it were the hands of corpses). The shadows are very dark and dirty. Some of the hands fall into the texture of the other hands. The Envato review team is realy a professional team. If they rejected your item, then they saw your mistakes. I would advise you to spend your time fixing mistakes, not criticizing Envato. It will be more productive :wink:

dude, its not product based feedback:

I got over 9 item rejections in my last time and I appreciate that cause they are reviews about item quality : image
Also your feedback is envatos side, its not objective. Doesnt worths to discuss about it with you anymore, have a nice day :wink:

by the way here is middle finger from motion graphics category

Ou. It’s really strange.
Then it’ll be better to contact Envato support team