Again and again...

Envato, is this your new concept to control sales !?
Every day at one and the same time, my portfolio stops showing by Envato!
EVERY DAY!!! This starts to resemble deliberate braking !!!
This continue for a whole week.

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Thanks for repoting here about portfolio page. yes I am also getting this error, again portfolio page of other Author(s) has broken but own portfolio page is fine. Hope Envato Engineering Team will fix soon. Thanks

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This is a every day!
At the moment it is like a detached page for customers who are looking for flyers here and have no registration or have not logged in.

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hope @jacobbednarz and Engineering Team will take care this and will fix soon.

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I hope so too!
for first time I wrote here on 18 May, and since then it’s the same

Hi my friend
this time i did not have it personally …
i hope this is not the same every week …

I`ll see after several hours!

Hey, my friend … this is happening right now!
It’s as programmed! I really expected it to happen again! Over and over!
Thanks @Envato!

hey Lyubo, i am so sorry for u … as for me i luckily did not experience this indeed