After waiting patiently for 6 months....

Thank you…

I am not in favour of epic long review times, but it doesn’t guarantee you a 100% approval, Even in long review times, minimum quality is required, Banding is the serious issue with video production, If source itself comes with a banding then again artist has to use and render out their projects, which will be worst

It’s not required minimum quality , it’s required very good quality and even so you have a big chance to get a hard rejection with that stupid basic response as a reason. I stopped uploading stock footage 4,5 months ago. Not worth it ! Try every stock footage online market and you see you’ll get your files on the market more quickly and almost 100% approved rate but you will not sold them too fast because, envato has the lowest prices , so almost everyone it’s buying stuff from envato.

True. Envato is the cheapest vdo stock that’s why they sell so well compare to others but the quality check and waiting time is so crazy…!!!
I also stop sending file last year when it was only 2-3 months waiting time but then I thought they going to have to approve sometimes no matter how long so I started sending again this year.

Now you wait 6 months. But I think it’s absurd to wait 6 months to see if you were lucky enough to get a few items on the market.