After two years of Envato membership....



After two years of my membership in envato
Today I earn per hour 1:33 medals(two years )

July 2014 joined me Envato Market to Market
And at this time I have won several medal.

Badges :
1:Flag United States :slight_smile:
2:Copyright Ninja :slight_smile:
3:Top Monthly Author :slight_smile:
4:Weekly Top Seller :slight_smile:
5:Trendsetter :slight_smile:
6:Featured Author :slight_smile:
7:Collector Level 2 -14 more items to go until Collector badge Level 3 :slight_smile:
8:Author Level 2 :disappointed:
9:Affiliate Level 1 :slight_smile:
10:Exclusive Author :slight_smile:
11:2 Year of Membership :slight_smile:
I am upset that I have not yet been able to increase Author Level 2
I hope that soon I increase the level With help from your friends.
I am very pleased that these two years membership the envato
Big changes in the past two years in Envato
1-Goodbye with activeden
2-Change the Badges
3-Overall Change User Account
4-Tax Information-W-9, W-8
5- Add option Request a refund for an item have purchased
6-Add pricing option for your items
With all the changes in previous years thank you very much from envato and all those who have supported me this year :+1: :thumbsup:


Thank you @ KingDog, @ baileyherbert, @ Ladanauskas, @ matthewcoxy @SpaceStockFootage for Likes and attention to this post I thank you very much


Wow impressive list of badges @loghmanmaroofi8. Good luck for more :slight_smile:


Thank you janxcode_team I wish you many successes :+1:Good luck :slight_smile: