After the review process, I am not able to see my template in dashboard or anywhere else?

Hello buddies,

I have created one HTML template, and it was in review process for 5 days,
After that I am not able see the Template in my dashboard or anywhere else,

I did not get any email for the same, I don’t know if it is soft rejected or hard rejected.

Please help me here, I am new here.

Here is the demo link:


If it’s vanished and you have had no feedback then it was hard rejected.

Make sure you have notifications activated in your email settings.

If you want feedback you can share then demo link here

Hey @charlie4282

thank you for the response

Here is my demo link

There’s nothing especially wrong with it- it’s just an incredibly over done category and concept, and there are a ton of free templates on line that offer a very similar thing.

You will need to develop it further and find ways e.g. features and functionality to distinguish it further and add premium value

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