After paying support for Canvas , has not been activated , wrote to them no answer

I cannot write to anyone for support, this forum is the ONLY way, what I suppose to do?

Unfortunately you would need to talk to the author

What is the item link?

Any item can be activated without needing author input/support (unless you are referring to bundled plugins).

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I have send an email plus contacted on Facebook, no answer , I could accept was the weekend, than why Envato does not advice it will take time for the author to activate?

What is the item link?

Every item has a support tab which outlines how long support might take (guideline only) and has a link to the best way to contact an author e.g. email/support forum/etc.

I did pay for extra support, and I cannot get in their support forum unless my support has been paid (has been) the support has not been activated , so I cannot ask support to get support to activate… does make sense ? is not the money of course, but I had my own schedule and it is little annoying going through this for such little issue

Just to check - when you say ‘activate’, you are using this as a HTML template and not trying to add it to WordPress?

You can try emailing them from their profile (you need to be logged into envato) SemiColonWeb's profile on ThemeForest or use item comments.

@SemiColonWeb are a very highly regarded author who respond super quick to item comments so hopefully they will respond quickly.


they are taking to me right now on Facebook, cross finger it could be a system glitch

Hello @vincerosano

Apologies for the Inconveniences caused! We have checked your Accounts and it is already Active on Our Support Forums after your renewed support license. Rest assured our Team will make sure that your issues are resolved.

Thanks for your Kind Patience!

@charlie4282 Thanks Charlie. We Really Appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Update: Issue Resolved. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your assistance! solved