After Much consideration??...Rejected item

Hello everybody

Here again to front another question and thanks everybody can help me.
I noticed that the wording of some rejected object is different. In some cases it is “after much consideration”; I suppose this is due to the fact that the song has elements that can be accepted but something is wrong ??

Can anyone tell me if in this case I can reload the same object making changes to be approved?

and above all, in your opinion, what should be changed?

I bring the song to the following link.

thank you all

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Hi !

I found the idea of the track great and original,

I don’t notice any big issue there, the only things to me is about your high frequency, on your “snare / ride”.

I find its sound a little bit harsh and make the listening a little bit “hard”, so I think a more softer sound should fit a little bit better!

I think your arpeggios sound could be a bit more high in volume, and you can also give it a little bit of reverb,

Obviously it’s just my opinion, so maybe wait for one other feedback,
But maybe you can try first by making these little change,

Good luck and keep it up ! :slight_smile:

Thank you Osynthw for reply, glad you like clip.
I’ll try to follow your suggest and thanks for.
About this , do you believe same clip can be upload again with some modify, i say that because AJ when reject send message " same item cannot be uploaded again"…

Thanks again

You’re welcome !

You can re-submit if the change are noticeable I think, and then you can also explain your modification in the message to reviewer section when you edit for submission :slight_smile:

Very clear, thank you.
Have a nice day

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I think its pretty monotonous , nicely produced though

The hi-hats are REALLY STRONG compared to the rest of the song, my ears hurt a bit every time they play. The mastering seems a bit off and the song doesn’t seem to have too much of a composition, same notes repeated the entire time.