After lots of rejection, finally first item approved.

After one years hard work and many hard rejects, i got my first item approved. hope you like it.

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,i have a question,my item is waiting for approve.21days but they dont approve and dont answer ,for you how long do you wait for giving answer(in last time)
Thank you very much

21 days it’s still an ok time. The queue time actually spans in between 21 and 23 days. Just a bit more patience and you’ll see a review coming! :wink:

P.s. Whoops, not sure you’re waiting for an audio approval. If it’s not the case, please disregard my post :slight_smile:

My item is a slider in codecanyon.they say temporarily holde my item.
Thanks for answering and attention for my problem😊

Sometimes it took more time for review. my privous item took 2 month for review. just wait. good luck

Thank you very much. My friend​:blush::smiley:

congrats!!! :smiley:

Can l ask a question. in my profile existed a message with this text “tempreorality hold…” but i don’t see anything what’s this means maybe aprrove my item. i don’t understand really