After installing WP Bakery, Icons Disappear

Hi, I am using the Salient Wordpress template. When I first activated the WP Bakery visual composer, the icons in the theme vanished. Is there a way we can get them working again?


  • Max


This would probably be something with the theme and suggest checking with the theme author.

Though most authors, unless otherwise stated, will not provide support for third-party resources (plugins).

It’s really hard to say what the issue could be, but to revert back (before the plugin caused it) do:

  1. Log into your hosting environment via FTP or Control Panel > File Manager.

  2. Navigate to your WordPress installation and go to “/wp-content/plugins/”.

  3. Once inside the the “/plugins/” directory, locate the plugin you uploaded (the Visual Composer).

This will likely be called “js_composer” and rename this plugin folder to “js_composer_deactivated”

Theoretically, you can rename it to anything and then try and reload your WordPress dashboard.

That should get you back in if the issue is related to that specific plugin.

Thank you, I will give that a shot

Actually, quick question, how can I add a different “class” to the icons so they won’t keep disappearing since I already used the composer?


  • Max

You should be contacting whomever you purchased the plugin through.

If the plugin was included with your theme purchase, contact the author.

If you bought it through the plugin author, you should ask him instead.

These authors will include buyer support with their products for all buyers unless otherwise stated.

Though to add a different class, when inserting an element in Visual Composer, it gives this option.