After Installing Theme (Lebe) all pictures are only black squares

i have installed a theme called Lebe. All went well. All plugins installed. Nothing outstanding.
if i go on Preview of the site, all pictures show as black square, the top menu is not visible, and many other things are not proper on the preview.

I’m new to the theme and also wordpress. Can someone help out?

It’s very possible that the images are not included with the demo content and have been replaced with placeholders (envato encourage this).

It also sounds like there may be more steps to setting the theme up - perhaps further plugin installation? Navigation assigning? The documentation will cover all of this

Since you wrote this i was checking if the file i have imported contains the pictures. And it does not.
According to the documentation i was supposed download “Installable WordPress File only”. And that one does NOT contain the picutres.
I have also downloaded “all files & documentation” how can i upload the missing pictures? explains how to import demo content

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Yep, that’s what i did.

In my plug in list it says under “revolution slider” in red on yellow:
Activate Slider Revolution for Premium Benefits (e.g. Live Updates).

Could that be the reason?

When i downloaded the theme, its says all additional licences are included.

When i go under “media” all pictures are there. Also the ones i wanted to see on the preview. Am i doing something wrong to see the preview?

I go on and refresh. Its that the correct way?

no, it should not be a problem because Bundled plugins do not have their own licenses. This means they cannot be activated mean registered for updates. So you can safely ignore any plugin activation/registration messages.

About Pictures, menus, footer widgets:
If you can’t see them properly then you have to assign them from your side. You can see documentation help for this. As like for menu you have to go Appearance => Menus, for footer and sidebar widgets you have to go Appearance => Widgets and have to set.

About preview images most of the theme (95%+) don’t include preview images with purchased download instead used placeholder. So, you have to edit those post/pages/slider to set your own images. You can see documentation help for this.

Still need help the best way to get the support is Contact your purchased theme Author. How to Contact Author and let them know. theme Author will be very happy to assist you.