After i proceed check out my account blocked

Hai, sign up Envato account, choose product, add to cart and proceed checkout use credit card option.
After i proceed check out my account blocked. i tried to contact support but they replied that my account will not be re-enabling and i receive notification from the bank,
“RM0 CIMB: USD 66.00 was charged on your card num 0613 at ENVATO *65970342 on 14/06. Pls call the num at the back of your card for any queries.”
i’m really need hel with this. please…

The credit card or the IP you’re using is probably on the blacklist, therefor after the creating new account, your account is blocked automatically.

You can contact Envato support for the refund ( they probably started to process but to make sure, you can check it with your bank as well - it should take 7-12 working days )

i did register new account and still get blocked.

That’s what I said.

Hi @qawiemna,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Only Envato support team is the right team to help on account related things. in the forum we are not able to help you on this.