After Effects Version Usage Statistics

Hi everbody i would like to ask which version is most widely used ? Is there any statistics for percentage of versions ? And which version you think is best for templates ? CS5 CS6 CC ? Thanks for any advice.

I don’t think people are still using cs5. To be safe save your templates from cs5.5 to 2018.

Me niether i m using CS6 i was thinking if it makes any difference to lower version or not

A lot of authors, including me use c5.5, but there are no statistics on what buyers use.

Do you think it makes any difference whether using CS5.5 or 6 ?

I don’t know, that’s why I use cs5.5.

I have everything from CS6 up but always upload just the CS6 version. I actually makes stuff in CC17 and then backwards save multiple times down to CS6. I’d happily use CS6, but on a 4K screen everything is crazy small.

I can save to CS5.5 but I’ve found that whenever I do, there are issues with linking to media. Sure, it’s an easy fix which I could add in the instructions, but I always get soft rejected for it… so I stick with CS6.

I think you’ll get a tiny increase in sales from selling CS5.5 or before… but I’d say most people who bought it outright and didn’t want to subscribe will have upgraded to CS6… and then the rest will have signed up to CC and have CC onwards.

thanks for the tips and advice.