After Effects template license question

I would like to use an After Effects template to create wedding videos for my clients. I would be using an e-commerce website showing screenshots of a demo (using the AE template) to advertise this service. Do I purchase a Regular license for each end product (each individual client)? And lastly, how do I handle the license for the demo used in the e-commerce advert? It’s used to advertise my service so does it require a license as well? Thanks.

Yes, one regular license per client. You’ll need a license to create an advert for the service, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to download the file in the first place… and once you’ve made that advert, you can’t then use the license for something else. So it would be one license per client and one for your advert.

Although, if you made a video for a client before making an advert, then as long as the client was happy for you to do so, then you could use their existing video to promote the service. But you couldn’t edit it to include a voice over, prices, other content etc… as that would then be a new end product. If that makes sense?!

Yes… that makes perfect sense. Thanks very much for your help.