After Effects Question

Good day to all!! Trust everyone is well considering. So here’s is my dilemma -
I’m trying to use a Lower Third After Effects design to be used with my own logo. The tutorial was given but it gets lost trying to tell me how to use my logo. I was wondering if anyone on here knows how to do that. Replace my logo with the stand-in that the creator provided. it was supposed to be as easy as placing it where I want it to be and deleting or hiding the existing one. I’m really stuck at that point. SmH.

I appreciate anyone’s help and or a way for me to contact the seller because I could do that too.


In most cases making logo from template is simple, but you need spent 1-3 hour to learn basic functions of AE. Logo must be with transparent background ( depend of your logo) and place it in to the “placeholder” for logo, i dont know, the name may vary depend of template author. Make necessary adjustments, add to render queue and render.

Depending how the project is set up, you can often alt drag your logo into the comp to replace the placeholder one.
Hope that makes sense, let me know if you’re still unsure.
Best of luck!