After Effects Question

Good day to all!! Trust everyone is well considering. So here’s is my dilemma -
I’m trying to use a Lower Third After Effects design to be used with my own logo. The tutorial was given but it gets lost trying to tell me how to use my logo. I was wondering if anyone on here knows how to do that. Replace my logo with the stand-in that the creator provided. it was supposed to be as easy as placing it where I want it to be and deleting or hiding the existing one. I’m really stuck at that point. SmH.

I appreciate anyone’s help and or a way for me to contact the seller because I could do that too.


In most cases making logo from template is simple, but you need spent 1-3 hour to learn basic functions of AE. Logo must be with transparent background ( depend of your logo) and place it in to the “placeholder” for logo, i dont know, the name may vary depend of template author. Make necessary adjustments, add to render queue and render.