After effects project hierarchy

Hi, in vh stored my 17 motion graphics works. Now i want to start create after effects project files but i don’t know how files/folders hierarchy must be. May i buy one ae template and and see have hierarchies must been? Any suggestions?

Yes you can purchase an AE template to take a look at how it’s organized. however, there is an article on the Help Center explains how to prepare your AE template properly, have a look at the article here.

p.s my all templates are well organised. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you :blush:

I think it is not just about files and folders hierarchy but most about compositions hierarchy and naming :wink: Once it is well organised, there is no rule to be organised better in my opinion.

Every month there is a free file on videohive, so you could start with that. But same as some Ps files on GR use naming layer1 instead of “Base Layer” or something, the qualities of file structure on VH is not the same for all… I have bought a lot of them.

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There are some articles about it, but I really think that the struture dependes very much on that kind of content you are doing.

This project for example has too many composition, so I organized it in a hierarchy of folder based on the workflow that the user must to follow (And I explain that in the Help file).

This other one was just a logo revel, so the structure was cleaner. I try to keep in eyes just what the final user will utilize, the rest I hide in somewhere :blush:

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Marry me please! :smiley: thank you, thank you very much for detailed information!!