After Effects Outro for Youtube Videos

Hi, I’ve been trying to follow the standard licence terms for a file I just purchased.
It’s quite confusing as for a newbie the terminology is complicated.

I want to place the file within my future youtube videos as an intro and outro.
I am getting someone to put my youtube name in it to replace the authors one.

My understanding is I can use it for 12 months / up to 52 videos, which is fine.
I’m happy to buy a new licence after that if I continue with the clip.

What about after 12 months and I don’t use this clip anymore or renew licence, Are the old videos still ok?
obviously it would be impossible to remove the intro/outro after that so i’m worried it will effect my whole channel.

Do I need to declare anything to youtube regarding my standard licence or can I just make the videos with the clip just like normal?

Thanks… Ben

Yes, the old videos are fine. Also, if the outro doesn’t change, then you probably don’t need to buy multiple on-going licenses. In that case, the outro is the single end product… and you can then use that as many times as you want. It just happens to be attached to a different video.

It’s when you have to actually use the template again when multiple use comes into play… not how and where you use the end product.


Thank for that, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
It really makes me feel confident to use the awesome resources on this site when there’s good people around… cheers.