After Effects Expressionist Ready for Cooperation

Dear all
I am an expert in after effect expressions with more than two years of professional experience.
I was thinking that I could accept projects remotely. So If there is any part of your projects that you thing you can get help for, don’t hesitate to start communication.
My portfolio? Sure, there are couple of small project that I have done in my free time. But unfortunately I can’t share the major ones, due to loyalty promises I’ve made.

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hi there,

we’ve done quite a few projects using expressions.
do you have any idea how one can secure aep projects some how.

Have a script require a purchase code the first time it’s used that connects to Envato’s API.
Do you think that could be done?

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Dear audaciousleap

It is possible to check the purchase code with Envato’API. However, I’m not suggesting that as this method has some serious security flow, like if any of your customers could share the purchase code and unlock the product on many machines.
There is a second way to make it more secure by giving out serial numbers and generate activation code by combining purchase code and the serial number. This method is better, yet it has its own flaws.

JSXBIN files are very simple to convert to JSX and if anyone convert that could read your code or publish it.

The most secure way is to bring your JSXBIN into an AEX file. AEX structure is somehow like DLLs they are more secure and harder to encrypt, so your source code is protected much better in this case. You can even check if your product is installed on each machine.

I hope that helps



Thanks for your response Hoobi. Our problem is not very serious. We found our products out on several websites and they seem to be put there by automated scripting. Using same description that is on Envato. I don’t think the author of those will spend time deconding my jsxbin file and then some more time to change/extract my serial code. So the second way seems more than enough. But i don’t know how to acces the purchase code from the envato API. Could you shed some light on that, pls? Also, what do you mean by “giving out serial numbers”. You mean sending people an email with a serial number after they purchase? I could even go for the first way, if the customer has it simpler. And then test how this affects our piracy problem. Thanks for your time, it means a lot