After Effects Error: file damaged.

I was working on a new project and almost done, i pressed save and while AE was loading the power went out for 1 min.
Now when i open the project i get the following errors:

AE error: file damaged (33::7)
AE warning" unable to read project color setting. Color setting reset to factory defaults

Is there anyway to fix the file?

Almost the same thing happened to me. I pressed ctrl+s and power went out. However, in my case, the file was corrupted and AE couldn’t read it at all.

So if your file works, just the colors are messed up, it sounds that you got lucky.

It’s crucial to have auto-saving feature enabled and to backup your files as often as possible. :slight_smile:

No, the file is not working
I tried to make a new project and import the file i get this:

Do you have an auto-saved file?

DiegoMirnov said

Do you have an auto-saved file?

Unfortunately no