After Effects Echo Effect BUG

Has anyone experienced an error with the echo effect? (Latest CC After Effects update 2021) For some reason, Ae mix two different precomps.

Not entirely sure what the issue is, but the current time indicator is at different locations on the two images… one just showing content from Scene 06, and the other just showing content from just Scene 08. Should the text be the same in both of those pre-comps?

For example:

Precomp 01 Text: Prison
Precomp 02 Text: Lock

These are two different precomps.
When played video (or render with adobe encoder) Precomp 02 doesn’t just include “lock”, the “prison” is also visible. (inside 02, not only on the timeline)

Purge all media cache or image: resolved this problem but 1-2 minutes later come back this bug again.
And sometimes the live preview ok, but the final render with encoder is not. :sweat:

Since then, I have struggled with the problem, it has not been resolved.
Anyone make a mistake?