after effects cs4 placeholder.....replace footage is greyed out

I’m trying to customize a cs3 presentation in cs4 but it won’t let me replace footage for my videoplace holder because it is greyed out when I right click. Have anybody else had this problem.

Are you 100% sure you’re not right-clicking a composition by mistake? Replace footage should never be greyed out for a placeholder. A placeholder exists to be replaced! :slight_smile:

Although it shouldn’t be a CS4 issue, it’s not impossible. I have had one or two weird errors when opening CS3 stuff in CS4.

-felt tips.

Instead of using the replace footage command, locate the layer that contains the placeholder, then in your project palette import the footage/image you want to place in. Select the placeholder layer on the timeline, and while its selected press and hold ALT, then drag your new footage/image on top of the placeholder layer. That should replace it.

And if all the above solutions does’nt work,close the software,open the folder containig the place holdesr, replace the place holders with yours pic/footage, be sure they have the same name,open the software again,it should now pic your new items…Hope that.s help,even if it is not the “correct” procedure

Thanks everybody. You were right, it was a composite. The name just happen to be video place holder which confused me.