After Effects CC 2019

Hello there!

I was very excited to test the new expression engine for After Effects on the CC 2019, and guess what?

All my projects with some level of complex expression used just crash without any warning.

I probably will have some bad times to make it all work again.

Someone with the same problem?

I have heard of a problem that if-else statements written in one line do not work in CC2019:

Maybe that is causing your problems as well?

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DId just test one template of mine, yes, it does not work at all. AE is unresponsive and the timeline cursor keeps ending up in the wrong place, totally unusable.

CC2019 is the worst update by far. Premiere has a lot of bugs as well.

About the expressions: We can choose what expression engine we want to use:

-Legacy Extend Script - The same used in all AE versions;
-Java Script - The new one.

When I choose the Java Script, some errors happens:

-If and Else statment - This is the problem that you @Creattive mentioned. It’s easy to fix;
-Some variables now don’t work alone, you need the ‘var’ word before. Like “var variable = 0” insted just “variable = 0”
-Some expressions, like some used on DUIK per example, used old expressions name that need to be updated, like “this_comp”, that must to be written as “thisComp” now.

But my problem is that the project just crash, before you be able to choose what expression engine do you need, exactily as you described that happened to you.

It may have something to do with the GPU updates that was been made. I really don’t know what’s going on.

Did you try to open the project with caps lock enabled? That disables the rendering of the current frame, and also should disable the calculation of any expression.

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Where I can choose between old and new expressions?
I checked several of my projects with a lot of expressions and don’t find any bugs.

File -> Project Settings

Yes. I didin’t went too deep. But I oppened it with CAPS and enable SOLO opton, layer per layer. At the third layer it crashs.

Another strange thing: some shape layers have some kind of strange crop on it.

Try for your self if you have the rubber hose plugin installed. The controller appear cropped.

Find it. Still everything works fine.
Maybe because I always write if/else like this:

if (x == 0) {
    // bla-bla
} else {

And I follow other best coding practices. Of course, I don’t write “var” before variable, but keep my code readable.

Did find out that the totally unusable GUI performance was due to a text layer’s source text linked to a master control in the essential graphics panel.
If the essential graphics panel is closed, everything works like a charm.
If the text link to the master property is deleted from the Essential Graphics panel, everything works as well.

No idea what this is.

Its always like that with newest AE. They will update it , patch those holes. Adobe is very well aware of template world. Adobe is super happy about template world and template market. So surely they will update any issues. Templates are one of the biggest indirect AE promoters.

Dont worry :slight_smile: i am sure that at least 5-7 versions down will always be supported and compatible with newest AE.

Ps: fun fact :smiley: i had some items bought by ADOBE and MICROSOFT :))) and also you can find adobe forums with staff chating about template world.

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