After Effects - All Default images display BLACK???

  1. I downloaded this template.

  2. Opened it in After Effects 2020 (Mac) in all the default included images the fruit display completely black instead of full color images as showing in the demo on the product page linked above.
    See attached screenshot.

  3. Opened it in After Effects 2020 (Mac) and the same problem displays.

Why is this happening? How can I get this template to display in full color as shown in the demo???

Hi @DoofusGuy, welcome to our community!

From my experience, the images are not included in an AfterEffects template. Those black images are only “placeholders”.

Usually, the creators of an AfterEffects template buy the images separately, from various sources, with a license that does not allow the re-distribution in commercial projects. That is why the images are not included in the AfterEffects template you downloaded.

I see in the video preview that the template has layers named [MEDIA22], [MEDIA23], [MEDIA24] and so on. I think you can use your own fruit pictures and place them in the template, one in each layer and the templates does the rest.

I hope it helps a bit :hugs:

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