After editing ghost theme, cannot upload into any hosting site-Runkite, GhostPro, AWS


Hi there, I’m brand new to web design and have spent the last week trying to get the hang of everything, so bear with me…
I bought a Ghost theme from ThemeForest, and decided Runkite was my best hosting option since it was so straight forward (I also tried Digital Ocean, AWS and GhostPro). I got into my zip file and started customizing the code in Brackets. I finished the code and compressed the 11 components of the file and thus rezip it. But when I attempt to upload into Runkite, it will not upload. I tried GhostPro too and nothing. Each time I do not get any error messages or reasons it won’t upload, and it says it has uploaded but does not show up in my dropdown box to choose from themes.

Does anyone have any tips, maybe I should use a different coding tool other than Brackets?